A Graphic Designer in Toronto

My awesome clients are somewhere in there.

My awesome clients are somewhere in there.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Designer

If you’re looking for a graphic designer in Toronto, consider choosing one who has a great deal of experience designing and managing marketing projects. With experience comes a more efficient and effective experience without all the surprises.


I work in a MAC environment with the most current Adobe software to provide your projects the latest design features. To complement your graphic design experience, I also offer in-house product photography and can shoot your corporate events as well. For myself, I find that photography and graphic design go hand in hand.


A night view from Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto. Tip: bring a bike light at night!

A night view from Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto. Tip: bring a bike light at night!

Marketing Advice

I love marketing! You likely do too if you’re reading this. I also love being able to know which tools and tactics work to attract and keep clients. I have numerous marketing books and podcasts under my belt, which has enabled me to provide true value to my clients by recommending what’s new, what works and what to avoid. Here’s a hint: if you can provide your audience more free value than your competitors, you’ll likely come out on top!


Specific Marketing Projects Require a Specific Graphic Designer

Are you looking to produce specific types of marketing materials? Make sure the designer you choose has experience in creating similar pieces so they can expertly recommend options to make your marketing pieces more effective and avoid problems.


I specialize in designing printed marketing materials, trade show booths, signage, web graphics, digital ads and explainer videos so you can professionally communicate your message to your audience. You can view sample projects in the portfolio section. If there’s a part of your project which I can’t complete myself, we will use one of my trusted sources to solve the issue.


Your marketing projects may require special paper, printing methods, embellishments or software. Over the years, I’ve made useful connections (in Toronto and abroad) with high quality, reliable sources to ensure your projects are delivered on time and looking sharp so you can look better than your competition.


I kinda love this city.

I kinda love this city.

Close Communication

When you’re working with a designer, close communication is key to a successful project. Make sure all avenues of communication are open, including in person meetings, phone, email and easy transfers of large files.


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