A closer look at soft-touch business cards

Soft-touch business cards with red painted edges.

They feel like matte laminate cards only with a smoother, softer feel. That's the best way I could describe soft-touch business cards. They're conversation starters as well as keepers but they work best when they represent a bold, classy brand. 

As you slide your fingers across their surface, they give you a sense that you are holding something different. It's an uncommon texture especially for a business card. You can't help but wonder what it's made of and how it's made. For some, microfiber and silk may come to mind. They really are a different breed and worthy of consideration but are they right for your brand?

I've recently printed soft-touch cards for a client who is a high-end homebuilder and I was amazed at how different they felt compared to the trendy matte laminate cards. The smooth, silky texture perfectly complemented the high-end clientele of the company. 

So then I started thinking about other client types which would benefit from soft-touch cards:

  • Real estate agents
  • Lawyers
  • Dentists
  • Cosmetic surgeons
  • Wineries
  • Fashion
  • Consulting
  • Restaurants
  • Optometrists
  • Financial consulting or investing
  • Any high-end product or service

Close-up of red painted edges on a business card.

Spot UV is also available on these cards. This means you can have a certain part of the card's design coated with a glossy texture, usually placed over an image, logo or shape. This is a nice contrast effect with the soft-touch texture. You can also have the edges of the cards painted a certain colour. You can really get creative here.

If you think soft-touch cards would be the right business card texture for your brand, contact me to start the design process – seb at (@) overflowgraphics.com.