Corporate blogging - good idea or bad idea?


Corporate organizations today are faced with deciding whether they are going to get on the blogging bandwagon or not. Since corporate blogging is relatively new, there is not much historical documentation available that indicates whether corporate blogging is a good idea or a bad idea, but here’s what we know… 

Firstly, it is important to understand why having a blog will be good for your business. Having a positive reason for creating a blog gives some direction. The purpose of a blog is to engage and interact with your customers in a more personal level, and in a way that no other form of marketing can achieve. When blogging becomes a bad idea is when you create a blog and do nothing but blast cheap sales copy to your customers. 

Creating a successful blog takes a strategy; it takes human resources, commitment, capital investment and time. Randomly starting out and ‘seeing how it goes’ is a bad idea. You have to invest some capital and use a graphic designer to design the look and appearance of your blog, with the corporation colours, logo and brand names. You have to assign someone within the organization the task of keeping the blog up to date with relevant content. Wrong content, boring content or pushy content will turn your customers off. Be real, be human, be open for feedback, invite comments, enjoy interaction, tell stories. Have some variety in your blog posts. Invite guest bloggers to write for you so that you get a different style of writing coming through. Don’t let the blog become stale. Keep at it! 

If a corporation is not doing its blog right, if the posts are too long, too repetitive, too infrequent, too plain, too sales pushy, too impersonal, it is better that the corporation did not blog at all. If a corporation can’t take some honest criticism, which, let’s face it, is a normal part of business, it is better that the corporation did not blog at all. Blogging in this instance can have a negative effect for a corporation and its image.

The bottom line is that each corporation needs to study and analyse whether or not having a blog is going to have long-term benefits for both the clients and the business. To start a blog just because everyone else is doing so is the wrong motivation. Finding someone within the corporation who has a passion for writing, a cheerful online etiquette and their pulse on the industry is a great place to start.