Cool business cards for memorable impressions


If we want to market our business as being a professional, creative and modern enterprise, having a business card that reflects these qualities is paramount. 

It is difficult to calculate how much new business we receive through handing out business cards, however passing out a very cool looking business card does get people’s attention, which could be sometimes be an effective marketing strategy.

They allow us to share our brand's unique feel and style to the world. There are a variety of methods available that enable us to stamp our mark on our business card (sample photos below). 

Looking at some of these styles, using a touch of spot varnish gives a very well flourished impact. Also known as spot UV, this involves applying a glossy varnish to selected areas of the card which creates a ghosting effect. Spot varnish can also be used as a highlighting tool to make a logo or brand name pop, which does make a very nice statement indeed.

More – a cool looking business card that can make a statement and be quite unique are those made using a custom die cut. This enables the plastic card to be cut and shaped in a way that reflects the specific nature of the business. For example, a business card for a women’s gym might have curved lines or may be very thin in shape. This provides stronger brand awareness and relates the product’s shape with the business – great for brand awareness.

Similarly, using laser cutting technology, it is possible to laser cut business cards to the most intricate and accurate shapes. This enhances the quality of the business card whilst also enticing people to keep the business card due to its novel style. Quite commonly, a business will use a laser cut so they can attach a device to the card, such as a key, if they are selling a vehicle or some earphones if they are selling sophisticated sound systems. A simpler method to use laser cut for creating unique business cards is to cut out the letters of the business name from the card.

Another very popular method used to create memorable business cards is by using raised ink. For business cards that need to look classy and elegant, this is a great choice because it is very simple and relatively inexpensive to create. The texture generated from the raised ink provides a unique feel to the card.

Embossed cards are also excellent for texture. Or even just for functionality, embossed cards look just like credit cards where there are either numbers or letters that are slightly raised. These might be for codes, using numbers or letters, swipe cards, access cards, membership cards, and can be printed with sequential numbers if required, from an Excel or csv file. It’s also possible to add a bar code, a magnetic strip and ID photos.

Last but not least, it is worthwhile experimenting with foil stamp business cards. These add class to what could be a fairly ordinary business card. A foil accent can appear on any part of the card, and can be either reflective or metallic. Many businesses choose to have their logo stand out more using a foil stamp, which can be extremely effective.

Do you think your business would receive more attention (and more business) if you handed your prospects a really cool looking business card? Would one of the card treatments mentioned above suit your business? Get creative and give it a thought. Then call me at 416-999-7096 to start the process.

Here are some samples of cool business card designs…