Freelance Graphic Designer with 18 Years of Experience

My name is Sebastian and I’m a lover of freshly brewed coffee with heavy cream. Being a dad, husband, designer, photographer, adventure seeker are interests too. But it's mostly being a lover of freshly brewed coffee with heavy cream. ;-)

But yes, I'm a freelance graphic designer specializing in Toronto’s financial industry. I design for other industries as well, but most of my experience has been with financial institutions. This means I have a close watch on financial industry design trends, use of images, typography and technical needs of file types (PDF forms for example). 

To be more specific, I keep studio projects flowing smoothly by handling the design overflow on a regular or ad hoc basis. This keeps your production humming and eliminates the need to hire another in-house designer. Not to mention all of the expenses that come along with it – health, dental, retirement, recruiter fees, insurance, office space, equipment, administration, you get the picture. The difference could save you around $50,000 per year. Learn more.

Common projects include:

  • Corporate and Product Brochures
  • Print and Web Ads
  • Motion Graphics and Explainer Videos (1 video for about $1,500 is a darn good rate! Ask me.) 
  • Company Reports and Sales Sheets
  • Web, Social Media and Email Graphics
  • Infographics
  • Trade Show Signage and Collateral
  • Sales Presentations
  • PDF Revisions and Forms 
  • Large Format Signs and Billboards
  • Event and Product Photography
  • Corporate ID (logos, brand guidelines, business cards, stationery)

Your files are sent through FTP and we communicate through in-person meetings, email, phone and Skype. Simple stuff here.

About YOU
(a typical marketing client situation)

You need to produce new marketing material, but...

  1. Your in-house designer(s) is currently at capacity and you need to outsource specific designs.
  2. You don't have an in-house designer but still have many marketing pieces to produce.

Was I right?
Is this your current situation?

If so, we can start with just a small project. Or if you need ongoing design work, a design retainer will keep your team's marketing projects flowing smoothly. 

Call me at 416-999-7096 to let me know what you had in mind. I'd be happy to help.

Have a project in mind? Briefly tell me about it here.