1.     Rebranding or updating your old marketing files

If a brand redesign is a current topic for your marketing team, you’ll likely have to update old PDFs, fact sheets, forms, sales material and brochures to the new guidelines. Some may require only content updates; some, a complete redesign. Using a retainer service is an efficient way to have these completed.


2.     Creating Various new marketing materials

Since I’ll act as your off-site designer with a deep understanding of your brand guidelines, templates, fonts, colours and imagery, you won’t need to hunt for or train a new freelancer every time you have design overflow. You can simply brief me on your project and I will get to work just as efficiently as a regular in-house designer.

Common projects are brochures, ads, web graphics, signage, infographics, PowerPoint presentations, motion graphics, logos and sales material. Stop and think about all the new projects coming down the pipeline and how you can complete them with a retainer.


3.     Infographics

Think of the many ways you can repurpose the content of an infographic if you had one or two new designs a month! You could turn that infographic into a social media post, a PDF fact sheet, an image for your website, or you can break it apart into individual social posts so you have new content to distribute throughout the month.

Start thinking of empathetic ways you can help your audience and turn those answers into easily consumable, shareable infographics.


4.     Explainer videos

I’ve seen corporations spend as much as $17,000 on just one custom explainer video. With a graphic design retainer, you can do them for much less and save your marketing budget.

An explainer video describes your product or service through custom motion graphics accompanied by voice over narration and some background music. These typically reside on a home page, landing page or as a social media ad. They are short in duration and you can even replace the spoken narration with subtitles if you’re targeting mostly mobile users which have their sound turned off. I bet you really like this idea!


5.     Use me as a backup designer for your design overflow

Your full-time designer gets overloaded with work from time to time; it’s nothing new. When this happens, you can use your retainer as a reliable backup. You save money by avoiding hiring an additional full-time designer or freelancer to do the work.


Other benefits

  • I’m incorporated and bonded meaning I’m HR department friendly.
  • I can travel to your office any time to discuss detailed projects in person if phone, email or video conferencing won’t suffice.
  • We can transfer files either through my FTP or through yours for easy proofing and meeting tight deadlines.


Do these ideas sound helpful for your marketing department? If so, quickly introduce yourself below to start the process. I’ll get back to you shortly.


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